Schedule Changes

Recent Schedule Changes and Announcements


Re: Curiosity Quest

“Curiosity Quest” (E/I) returns to the schedule in March – Thursdays, 9:00am ET.

Re: Inside Football

“Inside Football” has been pulled from the March Schedule – Mondays, 7:30pm and 12:30am ET. “ABN AMRO WorldHockey” will remain in this timeslot until March 15th, when “Inside Racing” enters the schedule.

Re: The Emerald Diamond

The movie “The Emerald Diamond” will air Thursday, March 17th at 7pm and 12am ET. This documentary tells the history of baseball in Ireland and the Irish National Baseball team.

Re: Nutritional Living with Dr. Ward Bond

Effective February 22nd, “Nutritional Living with Dr. Ward Bond” will leave the schedule; Monday-Friday at 1:00pm ET. It will be replaced with a “Paid Program”.

Re: 2009 Drambuie Pursuit

The Format for the 2009 Drambuie Pursuit is now available.
Re: Ultimate Catch

” Ultimate Catch ” has been cancelled; however, it will run through the end of February.

Starting in March, it will be replaced by ” The Green House Project ” (Saturdays, 8:00am ET) and ” Travel n’ Truck ” (Sundays, 7:30pm ET).

Re: Throttle Junkies

Effective February 17th, “2Xtreem Motorcycle TV” will become “Throttle Junkies” . The program format will not change.

Re: Sophisticated Comfort / Taste This!

Effective immediately, ” Sophisticated Comfort ” (Mondays, 11:30a ET) and ” Taste This! ” (Thursdays, 10:00am ET) were removed from the schedule. (This was done at the request of the program supplier.)

Replacment programs are as follows:

” George Hirsch Living it Up! ” (Mondays, 11:30a ET)
” Heroes Among Us ” (Thursdays, 10am ET)

Re: Everton FC

Everton match information was added to the February Schedule .

02/02 – @ Wigan [Game Date: 01/30/10]
02/09 – @ Liverpool [Game Date: 02/06/10]
02/16 – Manchester City [Game Date: 01/16/10]
02/23 – Manchester United [Game Date: 02/20/10]


Re: Bolton Wanderers – January/February Match Changes

The match schedule for the Bolton Wanderers has changed . We will be showing the following matches in January and February:

01/24 – @ Arsenal [Game Date: 01/17/10]
01/31 – @ Liverpool [Game Date: 01/30/10]

02/07 – vs. Fulham [Game Date: 02/06/10]
02/14 – @ Manchester City [Game Date: 02/09/10]
02/21 – @ Wigan Athletic [Game Date: 02/16/10]
02/28 – @ Blackburn [Game Date: 02/22/10]


The Canadian Footbal League – Grey Cup Championship will air LIVE at 6:30 PM ET on Sunday 11/29.

The tape delay airing that was scheduled for Monday 11/30 has been removed and replaced with the normal Monday night schedule.


Nite Tales debut has been moved to 11/21. “Raceline” will air Saturday, 11/14 @ 1am ET.


November Schedule: Updated episode informaton for the 11/12 “Ringside Boxing“. Added CFL Playoff team information (11/15 and 11/22).
December Schedule: Updated informaton for the Bolton Wanderers‘ matches.


November Changes: The following changes are taking place in November:

2009 Rugby League Four Nations
Wednesday, 12am ET – Starting 11/04
Friday, 7pm & 12am ET – Starting 11/06

Hacienda Heights
Monday & Thursday, 6pm ET – Starting 11/09

Nite Tales
Saturday, 1am ET – Starting 11/14

Thursday, 11/26 @ 9pm & 2am ET


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