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America One Television Network. A family-friendly television network since 1995. America One is an independent full-service syndication and distribution platform for great lifestyle, classic, news, home & Garden, childrens, and sports programming. Viathe America One Sports brand, America One is the only broadcast television network providing quality sports programming in a prime time position seven days a week. America One programming can be seen in over 30 million households in the United States, Puerto Rico and now in Hawaii with over 170 affiliates. Programs Shows and Movies for All Ages! Bonanza – The Ponderosa seems to always attract a dangerous crowd. 1 hour. Western Theater – 380 western titles available. 90 minutes. 

Classic Movies – Vintage Hollywood Films. 900 titles and counting. 2 hours.

 Travel and Adventure Andiamo – Donna Perkins travels around the globe. 30 minutes 

Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller – Brings the animals to the people in unexpected ways. 30 minutes.

 Laura McKenzie’s Traveler – Join Laura as she travels the world. 30 minutes. 

Noon in Hawaii – A local program originated on Maui, David Noon explores Maui and Hawaii. 30 minutes.


Home and Gardens 

Home Time – Dean Johnson and Robin Harti co-host this program with a “can-do” attitude for home improvment. 

HouseSmarts – Lou Manfredini brings this high energy home improvement program to light. 30 minutes. 

Junk’d – Landscaping show with two old friends – Skip and Brad. 30 minutes. 

P. Allen Smith Gardens – P. Allen Smith is a garden designer. 30 minutes. 

Garden Travels – David Egbert crossing the country looking at the nation’s gardens. 30 minutes. 

Lifestyle Mystical Maui – With Ron (Ravi-Dass) Zimardi 

Hispanics Today – Highlighting issues impacting the Latino community. 30 minutes 

LatinEyes – An exciting and innovative half-hour entertainment magazine show. 30 minutes. 

Profiles in Caring – A non-profit program highting the extraordinary volunteer efforts of Americans. 30 minutes. 

Your Life Your Life with Dr. Anna Marie – A half hour weekly lifestyle show. 30 minutes 

Food & Health 

Taxi Cab Eateries – John and Terisa Namy follow the dining advise of local cab drivers. 30 minutes. 

George Hirsch Living It Up! – One of americas most popular television chefs. 30 minutes.

Sophisticated Comfort – Comfort food is the order of the day. 30 minutes.

Taste This – A new approach to cooking on television for the 21st century. 30 minutes. 

TasteTV – The leading new media food, wine and lifestyle program. 30 minutes.

Youth & Children

Whaddyado – Whaddyado is a program for the 13 to 16 year old age group. 30 minutes.

Swamp Critters – Created by Bobby Goldsboro this program for kids deals with important issues. 30 minutes.

B in Tune TV – Geared for pre-teen and teen audiences. Educational and Entertaining. 30 minutes.

Kid Guides – This action packed series takes kids behind the scenes. 30 minutes.

What’s Up/Que Pasa – Weekly multicultural show for kids. 30 minutes.

Aqua Kids – Host Molly McKinney shows kids how to take active roles in our environment. 30 minutes.

Three Wide Life – Three Wide Life cuts to the core of true racing fans and crew members. 30 minutes.


Curiosity Quest – An upbeat family educational program hosted by Joel Greene. 30 minutes.

Ultimate Choice – Follows eight teens through a carefully orchestrated adventure. 30 minutes.

Real Life 101 – Real Life jobs and careers are explored in an energetic style. 30 minutes.

Jack Hanna – Jungle “Jack Hanna” takes familys on animal adventures. 30 minutes.

Adults 18 to 25

Cybernet – Captures todays best from the world of computer and video games. 30 minutes.

Fearless Music – Live performances on stage from New York City. 30 minutes.

Hard Times – The Best Rock Videos on Television. 1 hour.

Jury Duty – Judge Cutler listens to real court cases and renders verdicts. 30 minutes.

Maui’s Hot Cars – Local Program about the stolen car problem on Maui. 30 minutes. Series

News for All Ages

Maui TV News – With Keff King. Program orginates on Maui. 30 minutes.


BTV Business Television – Weekly show features successful North American Companies. 30 minutes.

Crime Strike – Features law abiding individuals fighting back and standing up for their rights. 30 minutes.

First Business – Program delivers viewers a blend on business news and investment insights. 30 minutes.

Independent News Network – INN is a nightly news program covering events shaping our lives. 30 minutes.

Entertainment & Music

Cinema Cinema Cinema – Hollywood Movie Action. Previews the latest releases. 30 minutes.

DVD Geeks – Each week five geeks pick their favorite DVDs on their own terms. 30 minutes.

Matrix News Network – The Matrix covers matters others will not. 60 minutes.

Talking Pictures – Takes you up close and behind the scenes. 30 minutes.

Tech Closeup – Exploring todays high technology. 30 minutes.


Don’t Trash Maui – Local PSA Series about the environment on Maui. 1 to 2 minutes.

Mermaid – PSA about Reef Damage worldwide. Environmental. Approx. 3 minutes.


Austrailian Rules Football

National Rugby League

Bolton Wanderers FC

Everton FC, A1GP

FIM Motocross World Championship 2009

Gillette World Sport

Softball 360

Three Wide Life

U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship

The Clubhouse

Eastern Golf

Ladies European Tour

Links Illustrated

Midwest Golf Classic

1000cc Raw Thrill


Sport Truck Connection

Steel Dreams

V-Twin Motorcycle TV

2XTream Motorcycle TV

So You Wanna Fight

United Strongman Series

Ultimate Comcat Experience

Bull Riding TV

Planet X

Get the Net


Jimmy Houston Outdoors

Rex Hunts Fishing Adventures

Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez

Local Hawaiian Programming

MauiTV1 is actively looking for local programming of a commercial/professional broadcast nature. As we are now on the air most programming on our MauiTV1 will be America One network programming.

In the future we would like to see  at least one days worth of local Hawaiian programming on our air. If you have a local program or series you would like to submit to us to check out please contact us at

If you’re interested in commercial advertising on MauiTV1 please contact us at the e-mail address above.

Package rates are available and affordable. Production costs are low and extra.  

We’re shooting spots now. Come and join our team, it’s easy and fun to advertise on MauiTV1.



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