MauiTV1 Stands Out in a Crowd !

The goal of MauiTV1 is to pass along the Hawaiian message and find and keep viewers in a market crowded with to much commercial mainstream programming. MauiTV1 is part of a new revolution. MauiTV1 is a Hyper-Local station using IPTV, Internet, Cable TV and over the air (ota) broadcasting. MauiTV1 has the ability to reach a wider span of viewers via existing networks with unlimited distribution to any network connected to a TV or PC.
The flexibility of MauiTV1 and its sister internet radio station, Maui Hits Live, has brought together programming not available through traditional carriage platform business models which have many stumbling blocks and require negotiating sometimes tricky carriage deals. Often times it is impossible to secure controversial programming on already over-crowded platforms.
MauiTV1 has incorporated new technologies together with traditional distribution methods to provide viewers with better access with enriched network and programming options. MauiTV1 appeals to a wider audience without the restrictions often imposed by a single channel distribution platform. MauiTV1 has the ability to expand programming into more unique offerings that include programs such as Maui Talks Radio, AlienHunters, A Call to Rights, Noon in Hawaii, Maui’s Best Place to Eat and many others.

Over the next ten years as IPTV technology improves and the market expands MauiTV1 is already aligned and in position to work the niche it has created. MauiTV1 has emerged as a provider of streaming programming on multiple channels twenty four hours a day to an international audience.

Program Distrubution

Consider this. MauiTV1’s programming is not limited to Cable Companies or Satellite Operators. MauiTv1 does not restrict itself to limited coverage of OTA transmitters. MauiTV1 uses all of the above but puts most of its interest in IPTV. The benifits of IPTV include low cost without the fees of traditional cable or satellite services. Anyone with a computer and an ISP (or Tv with a converter box) can receive the services of MauiTV1. There are no restrictions to what size dish you can have in your yard. Cell phones can “see” MauiTv1. IPTV is the best broadcast solution, as good as any satellite or cable company. MauiTV1 is on the cutting edge and moving foward. In our slow sluggish economic times that is not a bad place to be.
Advertising Strategy

Along with any Broadcast Station there should be a website for support. Such is the case with MauiTV1 and Maui Hits Live. The parent company or umbrella is YourNext Video Productions. YourNext Video Productions (YVP) has twenty one websites at the present time. I am going to try to explain the benifits of advertising your business on the YVP advertising engine. If you need additional information please call me and I will do my best to answer your questions.
To start us out lets talk about your existing website. Your existing website has a unique domain name that points websurfers to your site. The domain name is listed on search engines such as Google. The amount of contact or”hits” you get is determined by the number and quality of the keywords and links you have. The quality of these keywords and links also governs where you are in the search engines pages. An example would be MauiTv1. If you enter MauiTV1 in the search line for Google you will find That is because you typed in the actual domain name and Google went to my website on wordpress. At the time of writing this report there were 25,600 links to MauiTv1. MauiTv1 is thirteen weeks old. The first week MauiTv1 was listed on Google there were only seven links.
We all know how this works at this point. The problem is your website is just one of over five billion (yes Billion) websites on the web. More times than not, even with good keywords and links if you only have one website its like looking for a needle in the haystack. There are a number of advantages to having your website linked to a group of websites like the YVP group. I will list them below.

If you are linked to a group of websites and your website is listed on all of the others in the group your exposure goes up by the number of websites in the group. On a search engine such as Google every time someone looks for your website, all of the links that lead to your website are listed on the search pages that pop up. So everywhere your website is listed. or linked to, those links will show up and the better chance of someone hitting your website. As you can see with only one website your chances are far less.
TV Station 

Radio Station

An active internet radio station can have all of the same benifits as those above including the benifits from a radio advertisement that directs customers to your website. Advertising on a certain radio program can also increase your traffic.




Twitter and Facebook can also be good places to link to many other websites and individuals. All of the websites in the YVP group are listed on Twitter, Facelift and many others.


Don’t Trash


Websites associated with YourNext Video Productions with advertising, keywords, links, radio or television.

Hawaiian Airlines

Alaska Airlines



HHS PrivateEye



SoundWave Band

Mojo Mana

Vince Esquire

On the UpSide with Teri






You Tube

America One

Ad Council

Capt. Bill & Maui Air

Michael Kollwitz

Wow-Wee Maui’s Barr & Grill

Enderbodies Day Spa


Issei Productions

Sir Wilfreds

The internet is the best place to advertise your business in my opinion. Advertising locally in a group such as YVP here on Maui is called “Local Area Marketing”. Again having a group of websites, all interconnected with links and keywords creats a very large sign for your business. A business without a sign is not a business.By adding keywords and links to each webside (including advertisers websites) the chances of a customer hitting your website greatly improves.

At this time this is the list of the YourNext owned websites in the group. Some of them are still under construction.

Having websites in your group, such as Maui Hits LIve and MauiTV1 increase the chances of people hitting your website. Tv and radio websites automatically generate more hits and therefore traffic within the websites in the group. Unless the product of an individual website is very good this exposure will not normally be available.

The keyword list changes everytime a new website is added with new words added to describe the new business. I have the keyword list and can provide it to your webmaster (by e-mail) if I am not doing the website. Personally I add a page with links (the links page, see MauiTV1 links page) and a hidden page with keywords. It is not required for anyone to see the keywords. We just need for them to be located on the website for the search engines. There are over 5 million search engines on the internet. 

Added benifits are television and radio commercials, sponsoring at tv or radio show, lower thirds on Maui Hits Live, bullet icons in the lower corners of the TV screen (MauiTV1) Banner ads on websites and much more. Media benifits also come from and Steve Kates (DrSky) is a well known tv and radio personality in the United States with friends frrom Nasa to the late night radio show “Coast to Coast”. An example of the benifits of this plan include things like this. Say that is one of the websites in this group (actually it is) . On Google, DrSky has over 33 million links. as another example has over 16 million links. Websites with numbers this high are going to be a wonderful help in this process.
I like to use WordPress Blog sites for my websites. The sites on WordPress are easy to build with a template and have daily stats reporting. There are also comments available to the viewer on each page. Up-dates are easy and quick. The WordPress website size is 3GB and is free.

I use “DirectNic” for my domain name regestry exclusively. DirectNic allows you to be in total control of your domain name and gives you the ability to re-direct the name to any website you want. That is important. Don’t buy into sites like GoDaddy where all you get is a subdomain registered in their name with them in total control of your website and domain name. As you can see the advantages of this system far out weigh the capabilities of a single website without media assistance.

To register a website with video or audio always use a static IP. If you don’t get a static IP for your streaming signal it’s like having a phone at your business with a number that changes everyday. The static IP will come from your landline phone company. Cable TV DSL does not use a Static IP.

The Bottom Line
As you can see from everything above, the more links and keywords you have out there the better results you’’re going to get. Having an On-Line Radio and TV station in the group will draw alot more attention to the group and especially alot more than any single website. As the group grows so do the links and soon you will have over a million hits per day.
In Alaska I had twenty six websites and one on-line radio station generating 1.2 million hits per day. Again, these are provable numbers not like broadcast radio or tv using Neilson ratings. Basically it’s no hard wire connection, no proof. It’s almost that simple. Tracking IPs changes everything. Lets use it to our advantage.

As for IPTV, MauiTV1 is positioned exactly right for the future of television. With programming supported by a national network and local programming supported by a network of producers, MauiTv1 is the best of both worlds. MauiTV1 strongly supports environmental and Hawaiian programming. It’s my opinion that OTA broadcast television and possible Cable television will be gone within the next 10 years.

It’s up to us to make sure that “Free” TV to the masses remains within affordable means and the powers that be don’t get control of everything. It’s also up to us to keep the Internet within those means as well. I support MauiTV1. I hope you will to.
On 02-06-10 the phone company will be here at the control room installing two more static IP’s and two more phone lines. One static IP will be for the new USTREAM connection and server for MauiTV1’s second video channel. That will give MauiTV1 better compressed video to the viewer, a larger viewable image and more bandwidth.

The second static IP will be for the Nani.TV video server. This server will provided FTP video and audio program up-loads and downloads similar to that of You Tube, Hulu and so on. This system will be operating the second week in February.

The two data lines will also provide two more phone lines to be used in live talk shows originating from the MauiTV1/MauiHitslive control room.

My contact number is 808-268-7197 and e-mail is


If you’re looking to advertise on MauiTV1, MauiHitsLIve or any of the other services on Yournext Please contact me at the addresses above.
Thanks for taking the time to read this material.

David Noon




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