Welcome to MauiTV1, Maui’s Television Station

Announcement: MauiTV1 will be broadcasting on USTREAM starting in early March 2010. Soon there will be two channels on the Internet. The USTREAM channel will work with Apple computers and Iphones, etc. The original MauiTV1 streaming channel with Windows Media Encoder will continue just as before.

Mahalo for watching MauiTV1.

MauiTV1 is Maui’s new Broadcast Television Station. First Light was achieved on November 8, 2009 at 8:30pm Hawaii Time. The station is on 24/7 and is the local affiliate for AmericaOne Broadcast Network.

MauiTV1 is owned and operated by YourNext Video Productions in Maui Hawaii. We appreciate your comments on our new station and thank you in advance for your information. When making a comment please include your name, location, a reception report and any suggestions on how you would improve MauiTV1. We’re listening. We will do what we can to accomodate you if  it’s possible. Mahalo Nui Loa for watching MauiTV1.

Our direct link to watch MauiTV1 is:   mms://

Simply type this link into your Internet Explorer command line and hit Enter. It will start the Windows Media Player, buffer for 10 seconds and you begin your watching experience.

Or go to the following website and click the watch button on page two.



~ by mauitv1 on November 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “Welcome to MauiTV1, Maui’s Television Station”

  1. I watched the tv station both yesterday and again this morning, for a couple of hours. It’s a little fuzzy on full screen, but very watchable. I’ve not seen some of those programs for years, fun to see them again!!

    The station looks good and we wish you all the best with it. Betty

  2. ALOHA DAVE:…. hope i find u & susan well…. checking out the station; both tv and radio…. have a wonderful weekend… aloha from huelo, where the local time is 12:53am on saturday the 12th of december, 2009

  3. ALOHA… the station’s clock is 2 hours slow….. now 12:55am on saturday; says 10:55pm on friday….

    • Aloha Nik.

      Thanks for writing in. The station clock is set automatically by the network connection of the ISP. It is correct. Please check your clock settings on your computer and adjsut your clock accordingly.

      I just noticed something else. The WordPress server is located in California which is two hours difference right now with daylight savings time. That is probably where you are seeing the difference.



  4. Aloha Dave from Brenton Keith & HIs Bag O’ Tricks! Looking to find your email address to contact you! Please shoot me an email!

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